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In Here you will find our latest photos. This is our Vintage Collection of ads from 1964.

1964 In the News

In the NEWS... Rob N.Y. Museum's $200,000 Gems, East, West Berliners Reunited as Wall Opens, Bobby, Keating Trade Challenges-But No Debate, Free World Sinks While LBJ Seeks Votes, Barry Says. Burglars Break into National History Building in Central Park West; Loot is not insured.

In the NEWS... U.S. Moon Ship Model Is Given a Trail Run...

Bell Aerosystems' Lunar Landing Research Vehicle flies in its first test from Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., Wednesday. An extra engine simulates moon gravity conditions. Ship will be used to study procedures in manned moon landings. (UPI Telephoto)

In the NEWS...The Ninety-Nines... They're Birds of a Feather

Veteran flier Ethel Fedders, showing Lorraine Moore, a sister Ninety-Nine, an early type, open cockpit biplane, recalls the not-so-good old days when flying was hazardous. Few Ninety-Nines today have flown a plane such as this 1931 vintage Travel Air, which is owned by Robert Schultz of Colden. Mrs. Fedders organized the WNY chapter of the women fliers' group.

In the NEWS... $3 Millon Bank Expansion Planned, Largest Red Rocket Ever Seen is Shown in Moscow Parade.

In the NEWS... Man Toting Gun Held at White House, GOP Moderates Say Reagan Keeps Promise of Fairness, Kemp Electrifies Convention With A Call to Battle.

In the NEWS... (Left) Big Hand in the Midwest... Senator Barry Goldwater was welcomed to Cedar Rapids, Ia., by an airport crowd estimated at 10,000 Wednesday. He made repeated trips up and down the airport fences, shaking hands of well-wisher. (AP)

(Right) Campaigning Together in California... Pierre Salinger, the former White House press secretary who is running for the California Senate seat to which he was appointed several months ago, was at LBJ's side as he campaigned in Los Angeles. (AP)

In the NEWS: Reciprocating Raves Backstage on Broadway... Audrey Hepburn had just seen Barbra Streisand,left, in the New York musical "Funny Girl" and went backstage singing her praises, Barbra had nice things to say, too, about "My Fair Lady."

In the NEWS... Big Blowout for the Littlest Crosby

Bing Crosby's youngest son, Nathaniel, celebrated his third birthday at Frontier Village, a Crosby family amusement park near San Jose, Calif., and he got some coaching from all sides in blowing out the candle on his cake. With the senior Crosby and son are wife Kathy and daughter Mary Frances, 4. (AP)

In the NEWS... How Ballot Will Look on Machines Tuesday

In the NEWS... A Democratic Rally in New York... This was the crowd that heard Senator Hurbert Humphrey in New York City's garment district Thursday, on 7th Ave., between 35th and 36th Sts. Senate candidate Robert F. Kennedy shared the platform. (API)

In the NEWS... Fine Photos in Lloyd Biography

Harold Lloyd, in "Grandma's Boy," wore a square version of his famous tortoise shell spectacles. He did not need glasses, and they had no lenses to get broken during hair-rasing stunts. 

In the NEWS... Shaping Up

Steel rises 130 feet above Dodge St. for the 7700-seat addition to War Memorial Stadium which will increase its seating capacity to 43,000. The new high-level covered section will stretch from end zone to end zone.

In the NEWS... 'Life With Picasso': Portrait of an Artist As a Phenomenon (Photo) Francoise Gilot

In the NEWS... Jackie Coogan, who won film stardom as Charlie Chaplin's little-boy sidekick and earned $4 million as a child actor, was 50 today. The Jackie Coogan doll recalls one of his most famous roles with Chaplin, as "The Kid"

1964 Store Ads.

1964 Tops Ad.

1964 Burgers n Gravy Dog Food Ad.

1964 Robin Hood Instant Flour Ad.

1964 maunz Central Home Heating Ad.

1964 Sears Portrait Ad.

1964 Bryant & Stratton Ad.

1964 Seaboard's Streamliners Railroad Ad.

1964 Santa Fe Railroad Ad.

1964 Air France Airline Ad.

1964 Domino Brown Sugar Ad.

1964 Ted Williams Zoom Camera Ad.

1964 Sears Roebuck & Company Ad.

1964 Bells Ad.

1964 McDonald's Ad.

1964 At&T Ad.

1964 Liquor Ads.

1964 Carstairs Whiskey Ad.

1964 J&B rare scotch whisky Ad.

1964 Seagram's 7 whiskey Ad.

1964 Imperial whiskey Ad.

1964 Seagram's V.O. Canadian whisky Ad.

1964 Kessler whiskey Ad.

1964 Car Ads.

1964 Volkswagon Ad.

1964 Midas Muffler Ad.

1964 Dodge Dart, Coronet & Polara Car Ad.

1964 General Motors Servicator Ad.

1965 Rambler Ambassador Ad.

1964 Mercury Comet Ad.

1964 Chevrolet Van Ad.

1964 Used Cars Ad.

1964 Lincoln Continental Ad.

1964 Mercury Ad.

1964 L.B. Smith Ford Ad.


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